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Precise, quantitative statements on atrophic or enlarged structures. Fully automated or with just one click.

Evaluation of native 3D
T1 sequences (e.g. MPRAGE)

Evaluation of native 3D
T1 sequences (e.g. MPRAGE)

Rapid determination of brain volume with differentiation of pathognomonic relevant regions, such as the hippocampus.

For each evaluation, the deviation from the normal value is shown. For this purpose, the results are compared with a comprehensive and heterogeneous database based on age, gender and intracranial volume (approx. 8,000 data sets).

Supports you with the diagnostics of


Volumetry of frontal lobes, parietal lobes & temporal lobes (with hippocampus).

Multiple sclerosis:

Volumetry of the whole brain & thalamus.


Volumetry of nucleus caudatus, putamen, pallidum, cerebellar cortex and mesencephalon.

Effective time saving in everyday routine

mdbrain enables a significantly faster diagnostic process with highest reliability - without extra clicks in less than 5 minutes.


proven time saving in dementia diagnostic


Mapping of the change in atrophy patterns for different brain areas over time.

Detailed 3D visualisation including highlighting of pathological volume changes in color.

Recognise neurodegenerative processes through intuitive visualization in diagrams before pathological values are reached.

Quick overview based on diagnostically relevant segments.

For initial orientation, diagnostically relevant segments from mesiotemporal to the brainstem are generated fully automatically.

Thus, based on a subjective assessment, initial hypotheses can be formulated, which can then be confirmed or refuted based on the objective quantitative evaluation.

Diagnostic segments brain volumetry

Immediately identifying pathologies of different disease patterns.

Automatic differentiation of structures at lobe level, as an informative 3D scheme.

Objective quantitative volume analyses of supra- and infratentorial brain structures. This includes frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes with substructures such as hippocampus, basal ganglia, thalamus, as well as mesencephalon, pons and cerebellar cortex.

Schematic view brain volumetry

Capturing atrophy patterns at a glance.

Plotting of objective volumetry results for pathognomically relevant brain regions.

From the resulting patterns, conclusions can quickly be drawn about the underlying disease. The comparison with the last preliminary examination also enables an assessment of the dynamics of a neurodegenerative process.

Atrophy patterns brain volumetry

Detect neurodegenerative processes at an early stage.

Plot of the percentile values resulting from the normal value adjustment over time against the age of a patient.

By including existing preliminary examinations, neurodegenerative processes can thus already be recognised as a deviation from the physiological ageing process before they become reliably pathological as a single value.

Results over time brain volumetry


Our award-winning algorithm is proven over hundreds of thousands of times and specialised in relieving you of the tedious tasks of daily routine.

mdbrain can do even more. Discover the other modules.


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